Monday, April 26, 2010

Usage description about Animated Glow Doodle

Usage Description

This application lets you to draw the drawing by using animated glow and/or flame effects. By default it uses the red color for the brush, If you want to change the color either you Select the color that you want to use by using color icon on the toolbar or select “color icon”->”create color” option to use your own RGB color. By default brush size is configured to 3, it can be changed by using “More”->”Adjust Brush” option.

Once you draw the drawing, applying the glow or flame effect is very easy, just press “Glow” or “Flame” button on the toolbar to apply Glow or flame effects to your drawing. Drawings that you make using this application can be saved to photo album by using “Save” option, same can be sent as an email by using “more”->”Email drawing” option.

Oops!!!!!! i forgot to let you know most important feature, you can change the drawing background or drawing board to any of the photos from your photo album by using “More”->”Background” option.

Use “Clear” option to clear the drawing, use undo option to undo the parts of the drawing till the last glow/flame effect is applied.

Screen shots:-

I am sorry i am bad at drawing, Please email your drawings to, I will contact you if i feel that i can use it as the screen shot. Don't worry its not for free i will pay you for it.

Do you want to upload your drawings to

Please email me your drawings to, I will make sure that your drawings are uploaded(Along with your name) to the blog. Sorry currently you can't upload them from the application, still its v1.0 version, who knows, i may add it in the future.


On closing and opening the application, it will retain all of its default settings.


  1. lets you to draw with glow and flame effects along with regular drawing
  2. Share your drawings with your friends and family using email option, you can also save the drawing to the photo album. (Note:- It will only save the snapshot not the actual animation, saving animation is under works, it will be available in the next updates)
  3. Select any photo from your photo album as the drawing board or the drawing background.
  4. Clear option lets you to erase your complete drawing. (Note:- Erase option under works, it will be available in the next updates).
  5. I know what you are going to ask now, Ho Wait!!!!!, Do you want to undo your last operation?. Undo option will address your need.
  6. Colors?, How many colors you want?, How about creating your own RGB color?, Yes this application lets you to create your own RGB color along with 60 predefined colors.
  7. Adjust your brush size by using “More”->”Adjust Brush” option.

Features under development (Will be released in the future updates), don't worry i will keep you posted about the progress of the updates in my blog (

  1. Ability to save and retrieve your animation effects.
  2. Erase option, with this option you can erase any part of the drawing, no need to use the undo option at all. Does it sounds good?.
  3. Yet to decide what else i can add, i always encourage you to get in touch with me by using “Contact Us” option to request for new features.

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