Saturday, April 24, 2010

Animated glow doodle

Below are the Key Features of animated glow doodle application.
1. Fantastic Animated Glow and fire effects
2. Glow?, Fed up with regular glow drawing apps? How about realistic animated glow effect?.This application lets you to draw with animated glow effect.
3. Colors?, How many colors you want?. How about creating your own RGB colors along with 60+ predefined colors?. You can create your own RGB color by using "Create Color" option.
4. Brush size, How about selecting your desired brush size?, This application lets you to select your desired brush size.
5. You can Clear the drawing by using "Clear" option.
6. You can undo the drawing by using undo option.
7. Background?, How about selecting any photo from your photo album along with default black background.
8. How about drawing on the background that you want.
9. Save drawing to photo album or send as email
10. Email drawing from the application
11. Intelligent Auto hiding toolbar
12. Updates?, How about requesting for updates from the application?, You can request for updates from the application by using "Contact Us" option.


How to unhide the Auto-hide tool bar?

Shake the device to unhide the toolbar

How to draw?

use the finger to draw on the screen

How to add animated glow effect?

1. Draw the drawing that you want to glow

2. Press Glow button on the toolbar to apply the glow effect

How to add animated Flame effect?

1. Draw the drawing that you want to glow

2. Press Flame button on the toolbar to apply the glow effect

How to change the brush color?

1. Select/Press color icon on the toolbar

2. Select the desired color by touching on it or press "create color" option to create your own RGB color.

How to change the brush size?

Select More->Adjust Brush option to adjust the brush size.

How to change the background?

1.Select more->background option to change the background

2.Current drawing is erased while changing the background

How to email the drawing?

Select More->email option to email the drawing

How to save the drawing?

Select the save option to save the drawing into photo album

How to Undo the drawing?

1.Use undo option to undo the drawing

2.Undo can restore only till the time last Glow/Flame effect is applied.

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